About Us

Cryptocurrency Investments is a major crypto miner with operations in all contienents of the world. Cryptocurrency Investments employs roughly 1700 people worldwide and is headquartered in the United States. Operational excellence, financial sheet strength, prudent growth, and responsible mining are all priorities for the company.

Cryptocurrency Investments is dedicated to the highest levels of corporate governance and ethical behavior. Cryptocurrency Investments ' corporate governance processes and global compliance program are designed to comply with all applicable regulatory obligations. The Company keeps a close eye on changes in applicable laws, international standards, and best practices to ensure that its approach represents Cryptocurrency Investments' dedication to the highest standards.

Our Mission

To provide the most appealing investment experience possible for our investors.

Social Responsibility

Cryptocurrency Investments adds value to our host communities through creating jobs, procuring goods, paying taxes, and donating. This attribute leads to enhanced well-being and prosperity through assisting in the reduction of poverty and the maintenance of strong communities.

Eco Standards

We strive to achieve or exceed expectations in terms of minimizing our environmental impacts on our sites and managing our activities in such a way that any risks or consequences off site are avoided. When operations end, our goal is to ensure that there are no long-term environmental impacts or dangers, while also assisting our host communities in securing a sustainable future.

Top Management

J. Paul Rollinson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Geoffrey P. Gold

Executive Vice-President, Corporate Development, External Relations & Chief Legal Officer

Paul B. Tomory

Executive Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer